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Oliver Chin 

Oliver Chin is a published author, comics expert, and publisher. He has recently published an exciting illustrated anthology Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Stars Who Made America Amazing. He has also published more than twenty children's picture books, including The Asian Hall of Fame series, the highly popular Tales from The Chinese Zodiac series (12 books), Julie Blackbelt series, and other books. His first books were a graphic novel on 9-11, and a sports commentary The Tao of Yao (《姚明之道》). 

Oliver graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991. His family lives in San Francisco, CA.

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Michael G.

Michael is an active sports podcaster and history/language arts high school educator & former school principal with a wealth of experience teaching in many different places throughout Alaska from rural Native Alaskan communities to a CTE High School. Currently, he works in one of the largest and most diverse school districts in the United States. In 2015, he published The Integration of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Academic Curricula: An Effective Model for Teacher with the University of Alaska. Most recent projects are continuing to grow his podcast (Hit the Post Sports Podcast), writing books, and being part of the next innovative methods to education. 

He has two master degrees from the University of Alaska Anchorage in Educational Leadership and Career & Technical Education. He has a BA in History and Secondary Education from the University of Northern Colorado.  

Andy Hsien .jpg

Andy H.

Andy is a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast. He recently published his debut novel, Generations of Shade, an adventure and fantasy fiction with sci-fi elements. Although his first passion is creative writing, he also creates animations, illustrations, and independent video games, and is always eager to experiment with and explore new ideas. He is currently working on The Trials of Immortality, an epic fantasy series that explores the nature of death, immortality, and human freedom, centering on the young dark mage Nila Straese. Hsieh graduated with his B.A. in Philosophy, Law and Society in 2017.


Ian J.

Ian is an experienced podcaster, writer, and educator. He is the writer and narrator of Tales from the Moosiverse, an ongoing story podcast for kids ages 4-12, launched in 2019.

He earned his M.Ed. in curriculum design from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and worked at Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education for 14 years before launching his own facilitation and consulting company, Building Bridges Leadership. He has been teaching online storytelling and podcasting classes since the beginning of the pandemic to equip students in finding and expressing their unique voice in a supportive community environment.

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Susan Miller 

As a teacher, Susan J. Miller focuses on giving students the kind of teacher my kids loved to have — patient and caring, with high expectations, and the eagerness to work with youth.  If we listen, youth can teach adults so much more. She has three degrees: Masters in Education from Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts in English with Honors from San Jose State University and Associate of Arts in Photography from De Anza Community College; and three credentials: California Teaching Credential in English, Administrative Credential, Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development credential.  But her experience with a variety of students and her passion to learn and teach is the most essential in her teaching.  When she's not teaching, she is writing, walking, or learning more to improve her own writing, her Spanish fluency, and her craft of teaching.  She is currently working on a book of poetry and a novel.

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David S.

David is an author, poet and editor. He is an adjunct professor at St. John university, New York, and has taught language and literature classes at the Univ. of Texas, Austin and L’Université Paris X—Nanterre in France.  In addition to his expertise in scholarly research, he also has extensive digital writing, editing and teaching experience for and New York-based writing group Queens Poetic Alchemy Collective. He has produced and directed five stage plays. His translation and editing work includes those stage plays and a documentary film.

He has a ABD and Master's degree in French Literature/Francophone Studies from University of Texas at Austin and B.A. in English (Creative Writing) and French. 


Gus B. 

Gus is an experienced Video Editor and Videographer adept at meeting client needs throughout the entirety of the film process. He is a teaching artist and film instructor for Austin Film Festival. He has taught the use of smartphones or tablets as a tool for filmmaking. The
process covers the idea, preproduction, production, filming, and editing. 


Eva C.

Eva is a Certified LEGO Academy Trainer for teachers interested in technology using LEGO Education STEAM based products. In addition to Professional Development to school districts, she teaches Robotics and coaches Robotics competition in K-12 schools. Her passion is taking science, integrating arts, making it beautiful science that grabs your mind and tweaks your thoughts into wanting to create something magnificent. Then teaching that to children so they want to learn and create.


Elise Engelhardt

Elise is a Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer. She has served as the president for the Silicon Valley Engineering Council, the largest umbrella organization of engineering societies in Silicon Valley. She has taught STEM classes in K-8 after school programs, and has hosted numerous STEAM Fairs and Maker Fairs. 

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Raymond Lee 

Raymond is a senior software engineer at Next Force Technology. He has 20+ years of experience in the industry.  He developed a passion of teaching 3D Designs to children while working as an enrichment teacher at his son’s school and also at summer camps in the Bay Area. 

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