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2020-present Consultant for Creative Real World Writing/Multimedia digital writing and book clubs, Children's Art Foundation-Stone Soup. Also created a creative writing program & writing contest in collaboration with art museum and studios.

2020-present  Founding Committee, Facilitator and Researcher. National Book Club for Kids

2019-present International Consultant for RGEP (Renovating General Education project) on the new National General Education Curriculum and Textbooks, Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training/ United Nations' World Bank



2019-2020  Curriculum design and Teacher Ed for Online/Blended Learning; Children's literature as textbooks in TESOL. Dewey Future Education, U.S./China. 

2018-2020  Civic Engagement and Multicultural Ed for Middle Schoolers. First Unitarian Church of San Jose, C.A. 

2015-2020  Design thinking for real world learning (K-5). Discovery Charter School, C.A.  

2017-2019  Teaching 21st century skills in the public speaking and practical writing classes. Chief Content/Curriculum Officer, Able2shine, C.A.  

2010-2014     Learning to Write in the Digital Age: ELLs' Literacy Practices in and out of Their Western Urban High School. San Jose Unified School District, C.A.   

2005-2010     Various research projects on curriculum & instruction, language and literature, and teacher ed. Literacy Achievement Research Center; Dept. of Teacher Education, Michigan State University, M.I.  

2003-2005    Writing, Identity and Virtual Environment. Dept. of Learning, Technology & Culture, Michigan State University, M.I.  

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