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Mission and Vision 

NextGen Education was founded by Dr. Jiang Pu, a Whole Child and Real World Education advocate and practitioner. 

We are a Research and Educational Consulting organization that empowers learners, Ed tech and E-learning users, teachers, and parents. We aim to innovate education for the Next Generation of learners'​ changing needs and long-term success. Our mission is to raise the whole child who can shape the future and make a positive real world impact in the age of AI and Globalization.   

We believe that the focus of education should move from the mastery of knowledge to whole person empowerment and development, including a variety set of 21st century skills including the cornerstone of 4Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication). Students should be active agents in their own learning through PBL (project-based learning), experiential and inquiry learning, service learning, CBE (competency-based Ed), and community-based & real world learning. Accordingly, the role of teaching and teachers should be redefined as well. We develop innovative curriculum which are cross-discplinary, and which include SEL (social-emotional learning), habits of minds (e.g. growth mindset and innovator's mindset), character education, design thinking, life skills (e.g. time and stress management, cross-cultural communicaiton) etc. into the learning. Dr. Pu collaborate with a team of NextGen Fellows who are experts in the areas of SEL, PBL, Critical Thinking, STEAM, Civic Education, Art Education, Gifted Education, Nature Education, etc. 

Our role is to help schools, Ed organizations and companies provide better learning/teaching experiences and products through design thinking and end-to-end learner/UX research; innovative program, product and curriculum development with a focus on Whole Child Education, 21st century skills and real world connection; content strategy consulting; and training and coaching.


In addition to research and educational consulting, since summer 2021 we have launched the NextGen Education Academy & Foundation, with a mission to cultivate youth leadership and amplify youth voices with a real world impact. Our students have designed Lunabotic prototypes for NASA, and created the world's first AAPI (Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders) Biography library.  Our innovative classes include design thinking, creative and real world multimedia writing (e.g. podcasting, youtube channel creating, filmmaking, animation, etc.), Sci-Fi and future fiction, STEM reading, and STEM writing. Classes are taught by our instructors and mentors who are accomplished authors, leading professionals, secondary and university teachers who have graduated from/taught at universities such as Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley and UT Austin.  

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