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Publish a Multimedia E-book on AAPI Biography! (Grades 4-7)

Publish a Multimedia E-book on AAPI Biography! (Grades 4-7)

  • Class description

    Write and publish a biography multimedia E-book in the world's first student-made AAPI online library and present at Young Author Talk Forum and library/community event!

    In this hands-on, highly interactive project-based learning class, students will: 

    • Research and write a socially conscious biography with their unique voice 
    • Draw illustrations or comics: character development, storyboard/plot, narrative arc, setting, dialog through panels, inking and coloring
    • Add audios, music, and video to the E-book     
    • Learn about the publishing process and publish the E-book
    • Read each other's books and give constructive feedback  
    • Learn how to share their E-book on social media for the book launch  
    • Present their books and do an author talk to the community/real world audience at a local library with other authors! 
  • NextGen Edu 21st Century Skills and Mindset:

    • Research skills 

    • Media literacy and critical thinking  

    • Multimedia creative design

    • Comics and illustration

    • movie-making   

    • Informational and narrative writing 

    • Digital publishing 

    • Grit and Growth mindset 

    • Goals and Intrinsic motivation 

    • Audience awareness and empathy 

  • Class size

    Min: 6 kids
    Max: 8 kids (plus 1 Teaching assistant. We will provide a need-based scholarship/tuition waiver to 1 extra student/each class.)  

  • Notes

    Curriculum designed by Dr. Jiang Pu. Lesson plans developed by Dr. Pu & Oliver Chin. We'll use Oliver Chin's "Awesome Asian Americians: 20 Stars Who Made America Amazing" as our mentor text. We have hand-picked some of the best biographies as reference books. The book list will be sent out to our students 1 week before the classes. APPs that will be used for making the E-books, comics, and videos will be shared in the first week of class. 

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  • About Instructor


    • Our teachers are published authors and university teachers graduated from/teach at Harvard, UC Berkeley and UT Austin.


Thank You !

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