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Camp NANO with a Scientist and Author (Grades 6-11)

Camp NANO with a Scientist and Author (Grades 6-11)



5 Group lessons: 

4/3-4/24 (Mondays; 4 weeks)  Weekly group session 

Time: 5:00– 5:50PM PST /8:15-8:45PM EST 

5/1 (Monday) Presentation and Celebration Party 

Time: 5:00-6:00PM PST/8:00-9:00PM EST

2 Individual 1-on-1 lessons (30 minutes each): schedule with the teacher 

  • Class description

    Learn to write, revise and publish a story (1500-20,000 words) on Children's Literacy magazines!  Students will also learn important writing habits and goalsetting skills. Class taught by a Scientist (Ph.D. in Chemistry from CIT) and author. 

    Includes 4 weekly group lessons, 2 individual 1-on-1 lessons, and a final presentation and celebration party! 

    Week one: Introductions:
    1) Favorite book
    2) What story do you want to tell
    3) Discussion of length led by Ann
    4) Outlines
    5) How to write
    6) Science challenge
    7) Let go of your inner editor
    8) Set goals for the next week

    Week Two: Discoveries and Content
    1) Smiley face scales for how writing is going, and what you think of your story
    2) Favorite way to write
    3) Favorite character in your story so far
    4) Challenges
    5) Who is telling the story? led by Ann
    6) Characters
    7) Goals for next week

    Week 3: The long middle week
    1) What did you do this week at those times when you didn’t want to write?
    2) Describe your favorite scene so far for the group                                  3) How did your characters surprise you this week? 
    4) Will you make word goal?
    5) Plot twists, turns and holes
    6) Goals for next week

    Week four: Down to the wire
    1) How have you or plan to include the science challenge?
    2) Describe one thing you will add to your story this week
    3) Do you have another story idea? Let’s hear them!
    4) Think about who you want to share your story with once you have a complete draft (regardless of word count).                                                5) Editing                                                                                                                      6) Publishing: Literary magazines for kids’ writing (handout sent to enrolled students)
    7) Goals for this week

    Week 5: Presentation and Celebration party 


  • Instructor/Coach

    This class will be taught by Dr. Ann Miller, Ph.D. in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology; B.A. in chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. 

    Dr. Miller is a science fellow with Dr. Jiang Pu at NextGen Education. She is a former Senior Research Scientist at CNA coorportion; and currently she is the founder of Science is Element. She is an author and has taught Camp NANO for many years in Maryland. Read her full bio here

  • Class size

    8 students Max 


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