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Book Review for "Ravenfall"

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

By Jonathan Li, Discovery Charter School, CA

Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson is a masterfully written book about a 13 year old girl named Anna who feels out of place in her family, which runs a magical inn. One day a 14 year old boy named Colin, who is searching for his missing brother and trying to find out who or what murdered his parents, ends up at the inn. Anna notices that the shield, a barrier which separates the magical world from the normal world, is thinning faster than usual. The story cycles between the perspectives of the two characters, which I think is a fun-to-read, interesting writing style that complements the book very well.

After reading Ravenfall, I think that it’s my new favorite book, because it is well written and feels like a classic. The book has a strong opening and the ending is executed smoothly and leaves me feeling satisfied, while being a perfect build up to a sequel. I think the book has a nice flow because it does not stress or confuse the reader with complex or intense events and has many peaceful/inspirational elements such as the characters feeling less lonely, but the story is captivating and makes me want to keep reading after every page. The author’s writing gets the message across. The writing is also detailed, contains humor, and isn’t too complicated but it is interesting. I think that the storyline is the best part, as it is interesting and unique due to the worldbuilding and cultural elements, and is inspiring and emotional.

The book’s length is what most people would call medium, not too long or too short, and just the right length to make me want to read it again. Anyone with a middle school reading level or above will easily be able to understand the book. I think that this book can appeal to different people with diverse interests. Ravenfall will undoubtedly become a bestseller. I would rate Ravenfall 10/10 because it is a great book in every aspect, and I consider it to be a must read for anyone who enjoys fantasy.

About the NextGen Edu Student Book Review project: NextGen Edu has partnered with authors and publishers from MCBD and SCBWI for students and classroom teachers to review the books. Students will receive a free copy of book if the book review is selected for publication. Free submission! If you want to join as a book reviewer (as students or teachers of grade 5-12) or donate a book (as an author or publisher), please contact us!

The NextGen Edu Student Book Review Project was created by Dr. Jiang Pu, founder of NextGen Education.

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