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Dr. Jiang Pu has developed various project-based programs with a focus on literacy and soft skills development. These programs not only help students develop vocabulary, rhetoric, research, writing and organization skills, which are crucial for academic and future success, but also help foster essential life skills such as: 

  • Social skills  

  • Leadership skills 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Teamwork and collaboration 

  • Problem solving skills 

  • Mindfulness and stress management


Sample programs: 

Dr. Jiang Pu  has designed 4 themed winter/summer camps as the CCO of an Ed company.

NextGen EntrepreneurStudents will learn how to start up a business (e.g. brainstorm ideas, pick and register a trademark, figure out business structure) using the tool of design thinking and learn practical writing and business communication skills. They will also learn about teamwork while improving their public speaking and presentation skills.

Little Reporter: Students will learn to write and broadcast a news report. They will role play while simulating various scenarios. They will also learn other essential journalism skills such as interviews, photographing (with cell phone), etc.  

Little MCStudents will learn to write hosting scripts, to improvise, roasting and to practice and improve public speaking skills. 

Kid President: Students will learn to write and deliver an election speech for student council and class president, which will help them in real life! They will also learn about leadership skills and research skills.

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