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A Journey through history

A Journey through history


Dates: June 22- July 20 (Thursdays; 5 weeks)

Time: 11AM-12PM PST 


  • Instructor

    Susan Miller, Masters in Education from Stanford University.

    She has three credentials: California Teaching Credential in English, Administrative Credential, Cross-cultural, Language, and Academic Development credential

    Read her full bio here:


  • Class description

    In this creative writing workshop, students will learn key steps to create a historical fictitious character who travels the country during a student chosen era (though we may well decide our character can time travel, too!).  Together, we’ll create a traveler (or a pair) and a list of stops on their journey, possible challenges (people they will meet, things they must find, obstacles they’ll face) and where the traveler(s) will end up. Then we’ll set out on our individual writing journeys to put our character(s) through the paces.  Throughout the process, we’ll share what we’ve written and review how the details of our own story might reveal the character’s growth. As we learn to give and receive feedback with panache, we’ll practice the best tools for revision.  At the end of class, we’ll polish and combine the stories to have a well-developed journey tale.

  • Class size

    4-8 kids

    Age: 10-14


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