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Create and customize a Youtube channel (Grades 3-8)

Create and customize a Youtube channel (Grades 3-8)


Date: 7/25-7/29/2023

Time: 4-5PM PST /7-8PM EST

  • Class description

    In this exciting summer camp, we'll learn from a Hollywood professional filmmaker and video-editor how to set up and grow a successful Youtube channel, make and edit videos, online safety and other important ethical issues, etc.!


    Day 1 – Introductions & Course goals.

    • What is Youtube? What is the difference with other video services such as Vimeo, or social media services like Tiktok and Snapchat.

    • Why you are interested in your on youtube channel?

    • What do you want to say?

    • Ideas for a youtube channel? Tips and Tricks

    • Choose what you like and stick with it.


    Day 2 - YOUTUBE

    • Work with youtube.

    • Channel set up and how to manage content.

    • (differences between youtube on a tablet vs a computer)

    • Introduction to Canva.

    • Create intro and outro for your channel.

    • Youtube banner, profile etc.


    Day 3 - CAMERA

    • Storytelling tools using your smartphone camera.

    • Camera angles and type of shots use on a youtube channel

    • 3 Point lighting set up for youtube.

    • How to film using smartphone apps.


    Day 4 -EDITING

    • Editing using smartphone apps.

    • Working CapCut.

    • Transitions, effects, titles and stickers.

    • Export.



    • Presentation of your first Youtube Video.

    • Safety on youtube.

    • Youtube Copyright

    • Equipment for YouTubers.

  • Class size

    4-6 students 


Thank You !

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