Dr. Jiang (Sarah) Pu 

Founder | Principal Consultant

Dr. Jiang (Sarah) Pu is a passionate educator and researcher with 15+ years’ of experience teaching in universities and mentoring K-12 teachers. She is a published author, editor and translator of 15+ textbooks and literature/children’s literature books; and has 20+ refereed publications in academic journals and presentations at prestigious national/international conferences on language and literacy, E-learning/blended learning, curriculum and instruction, multicultural education, and teacher education. She was the recipient of National Award for Teaching Excellency (China, 2001) and numerous awards and fellowships from Michigan State Univ. She is a founding member of National Book Club for Kids; and an international consultant for the RGEP (Renovation of General Education Project) for Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training and United Nations’ World Bank. 

Her expertise also includes teaching and learning 21st century skills, design thinking, experiential and inquiry learning, service Learning, CBE (competency-based Education), PBL (project-based learning), and SEL (social and emotional learning). Dr. Pu has  developed innovative educational programs and curriculum with a focus on real world connection and whole child education, which have been taught in private, public, charter schools and after-school programs. She has also coordinated large-scale cross-cultural events and designed public speaking, practical writing programs and youth leadership summer camps as the Chief Content Officer of a Silicon Valley-based Ed company. She has worked with diverse K-16 and adult learners, including mainstream, ELL, and gifted learners. 


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